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Principles | Our History | ALLFIE Team


The history of disabled people, people with learning difficulties and people with emotional difficulties has been one of exclusion and shame.

The rise of the disability movement, and great advances in technology, are transforming the lives of disabled adults, but young people are still very vulnerable to exclusion, disrespect and neglect. The Alliance was formed by disabled people, parents and a few allies, in order to fight together for an education system based on the principles of inclusion.

We know that young people with the greatest needs, have the greatest need for inclusion.

"I think that when you don't have real friends you can't experience real life because real life is how you get on with people. I can't do anything on my own so I am completely dependent on people helping me, so if I am not going to be surrounded by only personal assistants, I have got to find a way of making friends."
Maresa Mackeith

The Alliance was formed in 1990 as a membership organisation. It has a constitution which ensures that disabled people must be a majority of the council of management.