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Inclusion Now

The Magazine of the Inclusion Movement in the UK

Inclusion Now 45 - cover, student, teacher and assistant

If you believe that all disabled pupils and students should be welcomed and supported in their local mainstream school or college then this is the magazine for you. It is a grass-roots publication written by people who are involved in the extraordinary challenge of inclusion. The articles are fresh and new, sometimes controversial, sometimes funny, always informative. It brings the voice of the excluded into the heart of the debate about educational change.

Inclusion Now is published by The Alliance for Inclusive Education in collaboration with World of Inclusion and Inclusive Solutions.

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We now have a facility for browsing all past Inclusion Now magazines as page turning pdfs. Click here to access all issues

You can also use the links below to access all articles from each issue of Inclusion Now (articles in text only format and audio). If you want to look for an article on a particular subject, you can use the search facility on the home page to quickly find relevant articles.

If you wish to copy any article from any issue of Inclusion Now you must ask us for permission first.

Back Issues

Back issues are also available for sale at a cost of £2 per copy including postage and packaging. Significant reductions available for bulk orders. Please contact the office if you wish to purchase any.

Articles in text only and audio version

Issue 45 Autumn 2016 - text and audio

Issue 44 Spring 2016 - text and audio

Issue 43 Spring 2016

Issue 42 Autumn 2015

Issue 41 Summer 2015

Issue 40 Spring 2015 - Election Special

Issue 39 Autumn 2014

Issue 38 Summer 2014

Issue 37 Spring 2014

Issue 36 Autumn 2013

Issue 35 Summer 2013

Issue 34 Spring 2013

Issue 33 Autumn 2012

Issue 32 Summer 2012

Issue 31 Spring 2012

Issue 30 Autumn 2011

Issue 29 Summer 2011

Issue 28 Spring 2011

Issue 27 Autumn 2010

Issue 26 Summer 2010

Issue 25 Spring 2010

Issue 24 Autumn 2009

Issue 23 Summer 2009

Issue 22 Spring 2009

Issue 21 Autumn 2008

Issue 20 Summer 2008

Issue 19 Spring 2008

Issue 18 Autumn 2007

Issue 17 Summer 2007

Issue 16 Winter 2006/7

Issue 15 Autumn 2006

Issue 14 Spring 2006

Issue 13 Autumn 2005

Issue 12 Summer 2005

Issue 11 Winter 2004/5

Issue 10 Autumn 2004

Issue 9 Summer 2004

Issue 8 Spring 2004

Issue 7 Winter 2003

Issue 6 Summer 2003

Issue 5 Autumn 2002

Issue 4 Summer 2002

Issue 3 Winter 2002

Issue 2 Summer 2001

Issue 1 Spring 2001