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News Archive

ALLFIE’s initial thoughts on the Government's SEN Green Paper Response 'Support and aspiration: A new approach to special educational needs and disability – progress and next steps'

Agreed Allfie Position Paper on Choice

Early Day Motion 2481 - 30th ANNIVERSARY OF THE EDUCATION ACT 1981- Please get your MP to sign up -

ALLFIE Manifesto for Inclusive Education
Click here to see who has signed up to the Manifesto so far

Inclusionists Take to the Streets (film 7 mins long)

Obama's advisor Ari Ne'eman speaks out against UK Govt policy to reverse bias towards inclusion -

Human chain enlightens politicians, Germany, May 2010

Parent Confronts David Cameron about his Position on Inclusion

Jonathan Bartley, confronted the Conservative leader with his son Samuel as he left an event in South London. Mr Bartley voiced his concern about Tory plans to "end the bias towards the inclusion of children with special needs in mainstream schools".

Mr Bartley told Mr Cameron about the two-year struggle he had faced to get seven-year-old Samuel into his local mainstream school, and said the existing system was already biased against disabled children being educated alongside their able-bodied peers.

Mr Cameron insisted that, as the parent of a disabled child himself, he was "passionate" about helping them get the education that was right for them and would not do anything to make it more difficult for them. But Mr Bartley said: "It is the wrong way to go. You are not representing the needs of children in mainstream education. You want to segregate disabled children.

"You are saying you want to reverse the bias towards the inclusion of children in mainstream schools. At the moment there is a bias against inclusion, not a bias for it, as your manifesto says. You talk about the broken society. It nearly broke up our family getting our son into school.”

"His two sisters go there, it's our local school, we have had to struggle for two years and in the end the Secretary of State had to intervene. There is a bias against inclusion and you are saying there's a bias for it."

Mr Cameron - whose disabled son Ivan died last year - said: "I absolutely promise you that I would never do anything to make it more difficult for children to go to a mainstream school.

"At the moment, people don't get what they want. You didn't get what you wanted, I didn't get what I wanted. We both had to fight. We are going to make it easier by making sure that statements (of special needs) are not provided by local education authorities, they are provided by someone separate".

See Jonathan Bartley's follow-up article in the Guardian 28/4/10

ALLFIE's Director wins Campaigning Award for Inclusion, July 2008

In 2008 Tara Flood was named as the winner of the Social Inclusion Campaign Award from the Sheila McKechnie Foundation.

Tara was given her award by Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, at a reception in 10 Downing Street on the 22nd July 2008. The award was in recognition of Tara's and the Alliance's work to make inclusion a reality for ALL disabled learners and for the "We Know Inclusion Works" campaign started 18 months ago in response to negative media coverage of inclusion.

Picture Courtesy of the Sheila McKechnie Foundation

Tara said: 'Winning this award was a real surprise and I hope that it helps us raise the profile of the campaign and the benefits of inclusive education to the whole community'.

When meeting Gordon Brown, Tara took the opportunity to commit to organising a meeting with Ed Balls, the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, to raise ALLFIE's concerns about the Government's plan to reserve against Article 24 of the new United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Press Release: Heading for Inclusion - Responding to Warnock 2005