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Social & Medical Models of Disability | Integration is not Inclusion | FAQs | Article 24 of UN Convention | Salamanca Statement | News Archive | Inclusion is the Future

The Social Model


"Disabled People are Oppressed"

The social model of disability recognises that people with impairments are disabled by the barriers in society. Removing these barriers means starting with the belief that all human life is precious and deserving of love and support. No one can know the possibilities of a person's life before they have lived it.

All babies welcomed
Relationships nurtured
A holistic approach to healthcare
'Carers' become assistants
Inclusion is the focus of attention

The concept of 'giftedness'
"Build on her strengths"
"The glass is half full"

Resources are transferred from specialist provision to building a new infrastructure which supports inclusion.

Barriers to participation are removed

Accessible transport
Inclusive education
Accessible information
Accessible environments
Direct payments
User-led organisations and services

Society Evolves

Find out about the difference between integration and inclusion, join us, or donate to support our work in removing barriers to equal education.

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