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Current Campaign Work
What you can do to get involved
What Allfie has achieved

Working to end segregation and promote inclusion within the education system where inclusive education is a right not a struggle for disabled learners.   

Welcome to Allfie’s Campaigns Section  
The Alliance for Inclusive Education is campaigning for all disabled learners to have a right to participate in mainstream education.  Despite over 30 years of progress in inclusive education, disabled people are still the only group of learners who do not have a right to a well-resourced school, college, university or apprenticeship place. Also, disabled children and young people under 18 years of age are the only group of children that can be forced to attend a special school against their own and their parents’ wishes.  
Current Political Situation
Despite the Conservative Government's obligation to develop an inclusive education system under the UNCRPD Article 24, disabled learners' human right to mainstream education is still under attack. This Conservative Government is moving towards increasing selective and segregated education within an education marketplace where education providers compete against each other for students, funding and resources under the guise of parental or student choice. More resources going into more selective schools will only mean one thing, reduced support and more pressure on non-selective schools taking a disproportionate number of disabled pupils including pupils with SEN.

Increasingly school performance tables and Ofsted inspections narrowly focus on the academic curriculum, achievement and examination grades, which all acts as a disincentive to mainstream schools wanting to promote inclusive practice.

Current Campaign Work

We Know Inclusion Works
A campaign for change based on your stories about inclusive education

Educate, Don't Segregate
Proactive campaigning activity against damage caused by recent Government SEN reforms

Manifesto for Inclusive Education
ALLFIE’s General Elections campaign – securing a commitment to inclusive education, as a right, for all Disabled learners

UN Disability Convention
A global commitment to inclusive education, as a right, for all Disabled learners

London Work
Influencing the planning of education provision across London


What you can do to get involved in Allfie's campaign work

What Allfie has achieved

Past Campaign Achievements

UN General Comment No.4 on Article 24: Right to Inclusive Education

  • ALLFIE's submission to the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities strengthened the text of the General Comment on Article 24, affirming inclusive education as a right.

30 Years Celebration of Inclusive Education Practice

  • Cross Party support for Early Day Motion 2481 '30th ANNIVERSARY OF THE EDUCATION ACT 1981' at a time when inclusive education is under attack from the Coalition Government.

    Early Day Motion 2481 - '30th ANNIVERSARY OF THE EDUCATION ACT 1981
    That this House recognises the significant progress that has been made in the 30 years since the Education Act 1981 passed through Parliament with all-party support; notes that through an effective partnership between parents, schools, children and young people, education professionals and local authorities, inclusive education practice has made a significant contribution to improving the lives of disabled and non-disabled children; and believes that this legislation has played an important and positive role in building a society that values diversity and enables disabled people to realise their aspirations and make a positive contribution to society.

Children, Schools and Families Act 2010

  • The Coalition Government has reduced the OFSTED In sections framework to cover four core areas including achievement of pupils, quality of teaching, leadership and management, behaviour and safety of pupils in school. Nevertheless, after considerable lobbying, Inspectors must now also consider: "The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils and to what extent to which the education provided by the school enables all pupils to achieve, in particular disabled pupils and pupils who have special educational needs"

  • ALLFIE has starting working with OFSTED to see how disabled children and young people can be involved in inspection services.

Education Act 2011

  • Cross Party support from MPs for ALLFIE amendments during Education Bill committee stage debates

  • Relevant Schools Exclusions / Behaviour Guidance and regulations will now impose a duty upon school heads and governors to undertake multiagency assessments before considering excluding the child.

  • Parents can ask for a SEN expert to be appointed to advise the panel on matters relating to the child's SEN and exclusion.

  • Many of the schools with teacher training status have been assessed by OFSTED as having outstanding SEN provision. ALLFIE will want further reassurance that this will include disability equality training and inclusive education practice within their teacher training courses and work placements.

  • Secured debate on the benefits of direct payments in education for disabled young people in further education.

Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009

  • The upper age was raised up to 24 years of age for disabled young people seeking an apprenticeship.

  • Disabled young people can submit a portfolio of work as an alternative to GCSEs

  • ALLFIE has a place on the Joint Apprenticeships Unit regulations and reference advisory group.

  • See a film here about the work Allfie and Hertfordshire PASS did together.

Academies Act 2010

  • Clarification that most Academy schools will be required to enrol pupils from the whole rather than a limited range of abilities.

  • Clarification that all academy and free schools are required to comply with SEN legal framework

  • All academy and free schools are public bodies and are required to comply with Equality Act public sector's equality duties.

  • Academies are required to comply with the Statutory Admissions Code.

Equality Act 2010

  • No weakening of education service providers duties to plan for disabled learners reasonable adjustments.