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London Work

Influencing the planning of education provision across London

Current campaign work
What you can do
What ALLFIE has achieved

ALLFIE has been funded by Trust for London to set up the London Voice for Inclusive Education network which supports disabled people and our organisations in London to be involved in inclusive education campaigning work. Whilst some of that work will be about influencing national education legislation and policy, we are also working on ways to influence the Mayor of London and Greater London Authority and local council education policies.

GLA and Mayor of London results

London has a new Mayor! Labour party candidate Sadiq Khan took office as the new Mayor of London on the 6th May 2016. ALLFIE has already met with Sadiq's senior policy team and set out our hopes for how we want to work with Sadiq and the newly elected GLA. In the run up to the elections Sadiq spoke publicly about his commitment to inclusive education and apprenticeships so we look forward to a positive working relationship and change in the capital for the many thousands of Disabled pupils and students seeking an inclusive education.

Why are the Mayor of London and GLA elections important for Disabled Londoners wanting to promote inclusive education practice across the city?

The Mayor of London and Greater London Authority are in a position to promote inclusive education and apprenticeship opportunities here in the capital. The Mayor's office has a real say over major development plans including the setting up of new schools, the use of GLA land for educational purposes and the power to fund education schemes. Apart from education, the GLA can also develop apprenticeship opportunities either in house or through their procurement procedures. ALLFIE will be lobbying the new Mayor and the GLA to use their powers and influence to develop and promote sustainable inclusive education practice across the capital by supporting mainstream education and apprenticeship opportunities that are open for all.

GLA Responsibilities

Whilst the Mayor has no statutory education related duties, she/he does have the power to coordinate and fund education related projects across London. By law, the Mayor must publish a London Plan setting out the strategic direction for long-term development of integrated economic, environmental, transport and social infrastructure initiatives within the capital. In the 2011 London Plan, education and training for young people play a central role in the development of a strong, sustainable and inclusive city.

The Chancellor confirmed in November 2016 that the Adult Education Budget and employment support services will be devolved in London to the Mayor, and that funding will be awarded to Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), who will be involved in the delivery of the government's Post-16 Skills Plan.

Current campaign work

Before the GLA and Mayoral elections in 2016, ALLFIE, Inclusion London and Transport for All jointly launched a manifesto: Disabled People's Challenge to the next Mayor of London.

Our aim was that all Mayoral and GLA candidates pledge their support for each of the Manifesto Asks which will enable London to become a more inclusive capital for all. You can watch London Live's coverage of the launch here:

ALLFIE's Manifesto Asks include:

A commitment to education in London being inclusive for all

The Mayor of London and GLA to oversee a London Inclusive Education challenge, a school improvement programme with the aim of championing inclusive education practice by:

Champion inclusive apprenticeship opportunities for young disabled Londoners

If you want to know more here is ALLFIE's London Mayoral and GLA Elections Campaigns Briefing.

What can you do?

See our current campaigns pages – in particular the Children and Families Bill

What has ALLFIE achieved?


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